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1 qst101603_msg0001 84 "One in the belly of the hermit." Hmm... What could it mean...?
2 qst101603_msg0002 84 You beat me to it?! Grrr... And I was so close too!
3 qst101603_msg0003 84 You found some strange parts? Could you let me have a look?
4 qst101603_msg0004 84 Wait... This looks a lot like my grandpa's treasure!
5 qst101603_msg0005 84 I knew it... So that's what those words meant!
6 qst101603_msg0006 84 The old man used to tell me this saying about his treasure, see.
7 qst101603_msg0007 84 "Gather ye the pieces three and three and the hero's treasure ye shall reap."
8 qst101603_msg0008 84 So there are two sets of three pieces to my grandpa's treasure...six in total.
9 qst101603_msg0009 84 The other four have gotta be out there somewhere!
10 qst101603_msg0010 84 Hey, this is no time for admiration. We should consider each other as rivals!
11 qst101603_msg0011 84 Let's see who can get to the other murals first and solve the riddles...
12 qst101603_msg0012 84 See who gets their hands on the remaining four pieces...
13 qst101603_msg0013 84 Great! When we're done, we can all meet back here!
14 qst101603_msg0014 84 And then we can see what happens when all the pieces are united, and we'll blow this mystery wide open!
15 qst101603_msg0015 84 It's on! See you around, mates!
16 qst101603_msg0202 0
17 qst101603_msg0201 84 So you made it.
18 qst101603_msg0203 84 You don't need to say a word. You beat me to it, didn't you.
19 qst101603_msg0204 84 My grandpa got this treasure from salvaging.
20 qst101603_msg0205 84 Apparently it comes from the ancient sunken Titan of Torna.
21 qst101603_msg0206 84 Yeah, he went deep. Deeper than most veteran salvagers feared to dive. And this is what he came back with.
22 qst101603_msg0207 84 But it took a lot out of him, the poor guy. He died not long after.
23 qst101603_msg0208 84 "Gather ye the pieces three and three and the hero's treasure ye shall reap."
24 qst101603_msg0209 84 That's what was written on the chest with the piece he'd found.
25 qst101603_msg0210 84 He entrusted me to find the other five pieces.
26 qst101603_msg0211 84 But I couldn't find any of them! What's the point if I only have one?
27 qst101603_msg0212 84 Come on. Put your pieces on the line and we'll do battle one last time.
28 qst101603_msg0213 84 To the victor goes the spoils!
29 qst101603_msg0214 84 I've lived for this moment! Me and my grandpa both!