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1 qst101503_msg0001 84 Gramps, look! This Titan's still alive!
2 qst101503_msg0002 84 Ah, so it is!
3 qst101503_msg0003 84 Hmmm... Ah... Yes, you've been through the wars, haven't you?
4 qst101503_msg0004 84 You can understand it?
5 qst101503_msg0005 84 Just about!
6 qst101503_msg0006 84 It said it was attacked by monsters and got beached here.
7 qst101503_msg0007 84 Its companions weren't quite as lucky.
8 qst101503_msg0008 84 Oh...
9 qst101503_msg0009 84 Think we can haul it over to Umon's place?
10 qst101503_msg0010 84 It could be the best thing for him, Rex. Better than leaving him alone like that in any case.
11 qst101503_msg0011 84 Can you still remember how to make friends with a Titan?
12 qst101503_msg0012 84 Erm...
13 qst101503_msg0013 165 How do I tame a Titan...?
14 qst101503_msg0014 165 Take control as a Driver.
15 qst101503_msg0015 165 Give it a Green Pollen Orb.
16 qst101503_msg0016 165 Give it a Melodious Melon.
17 qst101503_msg0101 84 That's how they do it in Mor Ardain...
18 qst101503_msg0102 84 Come on, Rex. Umon asked us once before to rein a Titan in for him. What was it you had to use?
19 qst101503_msg0103 84 Ah! It was a Green Pollen Orb, right?
20 qst101503_msg0104 84 There you go. That's the Nopon way of doing it. Cute, as you'd expect.
21 qst101503_msg0131 84 Exactly so!
22 qst101503_msg0132 84 Hehe... Nopon sure have some interesting customs, huh?
23 qst101503_msg0133 84 It's a sight better than what those Ardainians do, for sure!
24 qst101503_msg0171 84 You just picked that because you liked the sound of it, didn't you?
25 qst101503_msg0172 84 It just seemed like the sort of thing it might like.
26 qst101503_msg0201 84 Hang on, I think I've still got a Green Pollen Orb kicking about somewhere...
27 qst101503_msg0202 84 Here. Grub's up!
28 qst101503_msg0203 84 It's asking for more, Rex. Must be pretty hungry.
29 qst101503_msg0204 84 Ah, greedy guts! Well, that's the last of them.
30 qst101503_msg0205 84 It's cheered up quite a bit though!
31 qst101503_msg0206 84 Hmmm! Very interesting!
32 qst101503_msg0207 84 Says it's happy to tug boats.
33 qst101503_msg0208 84 Great!
34 qst101503_msg0209 84 OK! Let's get to Umon's Shipyard!
35 qst101503_msg0210 84 Hrm... Could be the same one who attacked the Titans!
36 qst101503_msg0211 84 So it saw this one was still alive and now it's coming back to finish it off?
37 qst101503_msg0212 84 Rex! Looks like you'd better take care of it!
38 qst101503_msg0213 84 Got it! Everyone! Get ready!