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1 qst101502_msg0001 84 *om nom* Must eat more and more...
2 qst101502_msg0002 84 *nom om nom* Must increase weight...
3 qst101502_msg0003 84 *om om nom* Must sink to depths...
4 qst101502_msg0101 84 Mehmeh? Friends found Titan for Umon?
5 qst101502_msg0102 84 Oh, it no good, anyway.
6 qst101502_msg0103 84 Even with Titan, no good without hull. There no point to anything.
7 qst101502_msg0104 84 Umon not have strength to build one for self. Those days long gone...
8 qst101502_msg0105 84 ...Friends can construct hull?
9 qst101502_msg0106 84 Well that very big job. Must collect all required bits, then build them all together.
10 qst101502_msg0107 84 Building thing like that probably too difficult job for friends.
11 qst101502_msg0108 84 Bulk of Umon very weighty now. Day of casting self into oblivion very near.
12 qst101502_msg0201 84 Soon Umon know feelings of sunk ships after jumping into bottomless depths of Cloud Sea.
13 qst101502_msg0202 84 Until then, Umon stuff himself with tasty treats to become heavy anchor unto own annihilation.
14 qst101502_msg0301 84 Friends have good timing.
15 qst101502_msg0302 84 Soon bill for food exceed, Umon means, soon reach appropriate weight to sink nicely into Cloud Sea.
16 qst101502_msg0303 84 It fine. Umon already put Tora's name on tab. Umon all set to convert body into biomass.
17 qst101502_msg0304 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Friends complete hull?
18 qst101502_msg0305 84 Oh-ho-ho-hooo! This... This feel like reason for Umon to keep living!
19 qst101502_msg0306 84 *burp!* Apologies. Excitement make Umon bilious.
20 qst101502_msg0307 84 This something Umon must see with own eyes...else Umon not sleep easy in cloudy grave!
21 qst101502_msg0308 84 Friends must come to Umon's Shipyard!