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1 qst101413_msg001 62 グーラにあるブノの果実を使えば 楽に倒せるよ(仮)
2 qst101413_msg0001 84 Oh, hello. Are you biology enthusiasts?
3 qst101413_msg0002 84 Crops have been failing recently... That's why I'm researching how to increase agricultural...
4 qst101413_msg0003 84 Oh. He's... Oh my...
5 qst101413_msg0004 84 When we were both young, we'd often team up to work in the field...
6 qst101413_msg0005 84 A Rampaging Sauros, huh...?
7 qst101413_msg0006 84 I'm just a humble biologist, but...
8 qst101413_msg0007 84 Hold on. There's one plant with properties that may be of use here.
9 qst101413_msg0008 84 You see, a few years back I published a research paper on Benoît Nuts and the Rampaging Sauros.
10 qst101413_msg0009 84 You see, when a Rampaging Sauros ingests Benoît Nuts...
11 qst101413_msg0010 84 it becomes greatly intoxicated, which impairs its motor skills.
12 qst101413_msg0011 84 In other words... It's as if it's drunk.
13 qst101413_msg0012 84 You may be able to use this fact to more easily deal with even the most ferocious of specimens.
14 qst101413_msg0013 84 Rampaging Sauros normally like to hide in their roosts, making them hard to track down.
15 qst101413_msg0014 84 But they do mark their territory by leaving claw marks around the area.
16 qst101413_msg0015 84 Place a Benoît Nut inside the marked territory to lure the beast out. If it takes the bait, it'll be all yours.
17 qst101413_msg0016 84 Benoît Nuts come from a rare plant which grows in Mor Ardain.
18 qst101413_msg0017 84 I remember hearing you can gather them near Turbine Tower.
19 qst101413_msg0018 84 Best of luck on your search.
20 qst101413_msg0019 84 I wish I'd gone with them... I might have noticed the danger and warned them...
21 qst101413_msg0020 84 At least by advising you, I can put my mind at ease a little. Best of luck.
22 qst101413_msg0101 84 Benoît Nuts should be growing near Turbine Tower.
23 qst101413_msg0102 84 Place one inside the beast's territory and wait for a good chance to strike. Got it?