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1 qst101403_msg001 62 Looks like him and herbivorous monsters were attacked by other monsters (prov)
2 qst101403_msg0001 84 Dead... Bitten to death, looks like.
3 qst101403_msg0002 84 Here... See these prints?
4 qst101403_msg0003 84 We can track them. Let's go.
5 qst101403_msg0004 84 I could only follow them so far...
6 qst101403_msg0101 84 Not breathing... There's a bunch of bite marks.
7 qst101403_msg0102 84 Huh? I see prints.
8 qst101403_msg0103 84 I can track 'em! Let's go!
9 qst101403_msg0104 84 I don't think I can track 'em though...
10 qst101403_msg0201 84 We're too late... Something bit 'em to death.
11 qst101403_msg0202 84 Hm? Are those tracks?
12 qst101403_msg0203 84 We can follow 'em, see where they lead.
13 qst101403_msg0204 84 Probably won't be able to follow them, though...
14 qst101403_msg0301 84 No heartbeat... Something go munch-munch on body.
15 qst101403_msg0302 84 Meh? Tora find marks on ground!
16 qst101403_msg0303 84 We can track tracks! Follow quick!
17 qst101403_msg0304 84 No good, meh... Not able to track tracks very far...
18 qst101403_msg0401 84 Dead... Are those...bite marks?
19 qst101403_msg0402 84 And there... Tracks on the ground.
20 qst101403_msg0403 84 We should see where they lead us.
21 qst101403_msg0404 84 But we won't be able to follow all the way...