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1 qst101104_msg001 62 ありがとうトーク(仮)
2 qst101104_msg0001 84 You got 'em? Awesome, thanks!
3 qst101104_msg0002 84 One, two... Yep, all here!
4 qst101104_msg0003 84 Da must be worried sick... I'm going back to town!
5 qst101104_msg0004 84 Oh, I'll be fine. I wrapped some cloth around my ankle, see?
6 qst101104_msg0005 84 I'm sure Da will want to reward your kindness, so make sure to stop by when you're in town!
7 qst101104_msg0006 84 All right, later!
8 qst101104_msg0101 84 Yowww... Oh! It's the Confusion Ivy guys!
9 qst101104_msg0102 84 I, uh...I ran before I could walk, so my ankle's all messed up again...
10 qst101104_msg0201 84 Sorry for making you do my job...
11 qst101104_msg0202 84 I'll have to toughen up, huh...
12 qst101104_msg0301 84 You brought some Gormotti Walnut! Thank you so much!
13 qst101104_msg0302 84 And just when my ankle got better, too...