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1 qst101001_msg0001 84 So YOU did this?! You're the one that broke the crane?
2 qst101001_msg0002 84 Oh, you didn't do it...? Well, gee... Sorry 'bout the accusation.
3 qst101001_msg0003 84 Oh, curious, are you?
4 qst101001_msg0004 84 That's our big important helper, the crane... But right now the wire's out, so it's just taking up space.
5 qst101001_msg0005 84 At first I thought it just snapped from regular wear and tear, but actually it keeps breaking.
6 qst101001_msg0006 84 I fixed it once, I fixed it again... No use. Come morning, it's broken again.
7 qst101001_msg0007 84 The number of times it's happened, it's hard to see it as an accident... Truth be told, I suspect foul play.
8 qst101001_msg0008 84 We gotta make up for the work we lose with the wire being broken, but...
9 qst101001_msg0009 84 Well, without the crane, we're not making much headway... What's a guy to do?
10 qst101001_msg0010 84 What, really? Wow. You're a lifesaver!
11 qst101001_msg0011 84 OK, well, there's two things you can do for me.
12 qst101001_msg0012 84 First, help us fix the crane so we can use it again.
13 qst101001_msg0013 84 Natheus, the crane operator, is in charge of that part.
14 qst101001_msg0014 84 You should ask him for details.
15 qst101001_msg0015 84 The other thing is...finding the weasel who keeps messing with the wire, and bringing them to justice!
16 qst101001_msg0016 84 You're on your own there, though.
17 qst101001_msg0017 84 Although... Pettle, our apprentice, is pretty keen on finding the criminal, so maybe you can ask him?
18 qst101001_msg0018 84 You can find both of 'em by the crane. Just follow the outside wall, you can't miss it.
19 qst101001_msg0019 84 A'ight, well, I'm countin' on ya!
20 qst101001_msg0201 84 Ask Natheus about fixing the crane.
21 qst101001_msg0202 84 The other thing would be to find whoever cut the crane wire, but...
22 qst101001_msg0203 84 Well, ask young Pettle about that. We're countin' on ya!
23 qst101001_msg0301 84 You did a great job with the crane repairs! Thanks a bunch!
24 qst101001_msg0302 84 Oh, but I guess that's not everything.
25 qst101001_msg0303 84 Fixing the crane won't do much good if the criminal stays at large. You never know when he might strike again!
26 qst101001_msg0304 84 Good luck!
27 qst101001_msg0401 84 Hey, Pettle told me everything! So it was those Tirkin, eh? Bloody Nora...
28 qst101001_msg0402 84 Oh, but I guess that's not everything.
29 qst101001_msg0403 84 We don't have to worry about the wire getting cut again, but we still can't work unless we fix the crane.
30 qst101001_msg0404 84 Good luck!
31 qst101001_msg0501 84 Hey! I heard from Natheus and Pettle!
32 qst101001_msg0502 84 Those must've been some real buff Tirkin, to cut one of Natheus's own wires like that...
33 qst101001_msg0503 84 They'll probably make harder workers than that good-for-nothing guard Rahim, come to think of it...
34 qst101001_msg0504 84 Anyhow! You took care of the offending Tirkin, and the crane is also now fixed!
35 qst101001_msg0505 84 The Saets Lumber Co. is saved, thanks to you! Here, I hope you'll let us thank you properly!