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1 qst100902_msg0001 84 Therida! Therida!
2 qst100902_msg0002 84 Therida's alive! Alive, I tell you!
3 qst100902_msg0003 84 Come on, Therida. Get up. Please, Therida! Oh, what am I going to...
4 qst100902_msg0004 84 Thanks... Hang on though...what was meant to be the herb for...?
5 qst100902_msg0005 84 That's it! Amethyst Vanilla!
6 qst100902_msg0006 84 I think Therida once told me you could use Amethyst Vanilla to bring someone round!
7 qst100902_msg0007 84 Maybe if you brought me some Amethyst Vanilla...
8 qst100902_msg0008 84 Please stay with us, Therida!