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1 qst100808_msg0001 84 Hey, why didn't you come and help me?
2 qst100808_msg0002 84 I thought we were buddies! That means you're supposed to come and give me a hand if I'm in a tough spot!
3 qst100808_msg0003 84 B-but there was nothing I could do!
4 qst100808_msg0004 84 You know I'm scared of high places, cliffs, slippy surfaces! You know full well!
5 qst100808_msg0005 84 If you're gonna wander off somewhere, you need to check with me first! Did you think of that?
6 qst100808_msg0006 84 You could have just got a grip and come over to help! Did that occur to you?
7 qst100808_msg0007 84 Honestly, Capher! We're out here in search of adventure! We'll never have any if you're scared of everything!
8 qst100808_msg0008 84
9 qst100808_msg0201 165 How shall we get them to calm down?
10 qst100808_msg0202 165 Tell them they complement each other.
11 qst100808_msg0203 165 Tell them to stop being so silly.
12 qst100808_msg0301 84 We compensate for each other's shortcomings?
13 qst100808_msg0302 84 Hmmm. Well, I'm terrible at searching for stuff, but I'm good in a fight, that's for sure.
14 qst100808_msg0303 84 Cherlie blazes a trail up ahead and finds new places that I've never seen, but she waits for me.
15 qst100808_msg0304 84 I mean, I'm a little slow...but I do my best to catch up.
16 qst100808_msg0305 84 Capher...
17 qst100808_msg0306 84 I guess you're right. We did promise each other that we'd find amazing places together...
18 qst100808_msg0307 84 OK! I'll leave the rear guard to you!
19 qst100808_msg0308 84 And I'll scout ahead to look for the routes with the safest footing!
20 qst100808_msg0401 84 If you lot hadn't have turned up, I reckon I'd have ended up as a monster's lunch!
21 qst100808_msg0402 84 M-Monster? There were monsters when you went to get the Healing Herb?
22 qst100808_msg0403 84 Yes...there were...
23 qst100808_msg0404 84 So if these people hadn't helped you, you'd have... Gulp!
24 qst100808_msg0405 84 I'm sorry, Capher... I guess I was a little thoughtless.
25 qst100808_msg0406 84 You're just a bit too gung-ho. And I'm too much of a scaredy-cat.
26 qst100808_msg0407 84 Maybe we should tell each other when our shortcomings start to be a problem!
27 qst100808_msg0501 84 Thanks for helping us, guys.
28 qst100808_msg0502 84 Sorry for putting you to all that bother.
29 qst100808_msg0503 84 Thanks for helping me get that Healing Herb! The doctor will be really grateful!
30 qst100808_msg0504 84 It's been a wake-up call for us, as well. I think we're going to make an effort to cooperate more from now on.
31 qst100808_msg0505 84 Here, we can't let you go without giving you a little something.
32 qst100808_msg0506 84 Well, mind how you go!