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1 qst100702_msg0001 84 And-a-one Nopon Doubloon! And-a-two Nopon Doubloons! Nopon Doubloons everywhere!
2 qst100702_msg0002 84 Say what! All eleven, all here?!
3 qst100702_msg0003 84 Business sense of Nunui is honed to fine point!
4 qst100702_msg0004 84 Now, collected Nopon Doubloons go in slot on treasure trove!
5 qst100702_msg0005 84 A-one and a-two, a-three-four-five, a-six, and a-seven, eight-a-nine-a-ten!
6 qst100702_msg0006 84 Aaand eleven! ...Time is come for opening!
7 qst100702_msg0007 84 What inside, meh? What inside, m- ...Meh?
8 qst100702_msg0008 84 This is...priceless accessories and Core Chips! This extremely valuable! Nunui could buy whole ship!
9 qst100702_msg0009 84 ...Huh? Something written on paper here?
10 qst100702_msg0010 84 "I, the undersigned, promise to repay in full..."
11 qst100702_msg0011 84 "the sum of one million G lent to me by the Pyrithium Trade Guild Chairman."
12 qst100702_msg0012 84 ...That number make mind boggle... Who get themself in this kind of debt?!
13 qst100702_msg0013 84 "So help me the Architect. Signed: Azurda"
14 qst100702_msg0014 84 Azurda? Name sound familiar...
15 qst100702_msg0015 84 Oh-ho, who knew that records of that loan would remain?!
16 qst100702_msg0016 84 I was younger back then... Though I did look older, admittedly...
17 qst100702_msg0017 84 Gramps, what the heck did you need a loan for?!
18 qst100702_msg0018 84 Well, you see, that's... I may have been a little hard up...
19 qst100702_msg0019 84 Meh? The little creature is Azurda?
20 qst100702_msg0020 84 Indeed, I am Azurda! The reasons why I reverted to infancy are perhaps too long to get into now...
21 qst100702_msg0021 84 Ah!!! Nunui remember now!
22 qst100702_msg0022 84 When I still littlepon, Grannypon tell me this fairy-tale...
23 qst100702_msg0023 84 About the time she lend money to huge Titan named Azurda!
24 qst100702_msg0024 84 So it not a fairy-tale after all!
25 qst100702_msg0025 84 Fairy-tales about money-lending? Haha, that's just like the Pyrithium Trade Guild I knew!
26 qst100702_msg0026 84 This isn't the time for reminiscing, Gramps!
27 qst100702_msg0027 84 Please tell me you've returned the money?
28 qst100702_msg0028 84 ...I did not.
29 qst100702_msg0029 84 Of course you didn't...
30 qst100702_msg0030 84 The treasures we just uncover are collateral of Azurda.
31 qst100702_msg0031 84 Nunui cannot very well go ahead and liquidate asset... Would be bad form.
32 qst100702_msg0032 84 Will dream of restoring Pyrithium Trade Guild die here...?
33 qst100702_msg0033 84 Gramps.
34 qst100702_msg0034 84 Y-yes?
35 qst100702_msg0035 84 You borrowed the money because you really needed it, right?
36 qst100702_msg0036 84 O-of course! Would I pawn all these precious treasures for no good reason?!
37 qst100702_msg0037 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]I don't think I can tell them it was to keep my girlfriend happy...
38 qst100702_msg0038 84 ...Here's what we do.
39 qst100702_msg0039 84 Nunui, I'll pay back the money.
40 qst100702_msg0040 84 Y-you will, Rex? But it's a million gold!
41 qst100702_msg0041 84 We could just relinquish the treasure and call it a day...
42 qst100702_msg0042 84 Nope! Line seven of the Salvager Code clearly stipulates, "Never leave a debt unpaid"!
43 qst100702_msg0043 84 Rex...
44 qst100702_msg0044 84 Such wonderful code!
45 qst100702_msg0045 84 Then it settled! Friends pay back the million G friends owe!
46 qst100702_msg0046 84 We will for sure! Right, Gramps?
47 qst100702_msg0047 84 Yes, Rex... Thank you, Rex...
48 qst100702_msg0048 84 Then friends just let Nunui know when friends have the money.
49 qst100702_msg0049 84 Until then, Nunui will continue to study wisdom of Bana. I feel I on verge of real breakthrough!