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1 qst100502_msg0001 84 Hmm!
2 qst100502_msg0002 84 Oooh... Saw it...?
3 qst100502_msg0003 84 Try your luck?
4 qst100502_msg0004 84 No-brains will be no good though.
5 qst100502_msg0005 84 Read! Read!
6 qst100502_msg0101 84 Do again.
7 qst100502_msg0110 84 Come back again?
8 qst100502_msg0111 84 Try your luck?
9 qst100502_msg0201 84 Passed. Good. Big rubber stamp.
10 qst100502_msg0202 84 Not stupid. This good.
11 qst100502_msg0203 84 Congratulations. Friend have job.
12 qst100502_msg0204 84 Hereby name you Rododo's helper.
13 qst100502_msg0205 84 Now your duties.
14 qst100502_msg0206 84 Go to upper level of here. Open door, see inside. Tell Rododo.
15 qst100502_msg0207 84 Argentum person cannot open door. Many tried. All failed.
16 qst100502_msg0208 84 Details are mystery. So open door. Then truth revealed.
17 qst100502_msg0209 84 Origin of us.
18 qst100502_msg0210 84 Hehe.
19 qst100502_msg0211 84 But! Not have key.
20 qst100502_msg0212 84 Don't know location of key. Helper must find.
21 qst100502_msg0213 84 Begin duties!
22 qst100502_msg0301 84 Open door on upper level. See inside.
23 qst100502_msg0302 84 Not have key. Helper find key.
24 qst100502_msg0401 84 Hello, helper. Give Rododo report.
25 qst100502_msg0402 84 Helper's duty was see inside door on upper level.
26 qst100502_msg0403 84 Deliver Rododo report on findings.
27 qst100502_msg0501 84 Hello, helper. Give Rododo report.
28 qst100502_msg0502 84 So! Helper saw statue of Nopon with eyepatch and funny hat.
29 qst100502_msg0503 84 That must be... Captain Nopopon!
30 qst100502_msg0504 84 Captain Nopopon! Legendary Nopon Pirate!
31 qst100502_msg0521 84 Traces of Captain Nopopon! In such a place! Woowee!
32 qst100502_msg0522 84 Ahem. Sorry for outburst.
33 qst100502_msg0523 84 So. Stomach indentations. Round one and square one.
34 qst100502_msg0524 84 Probably, need two different parts. One for each indentation.
35 qst100502_msg0525 84 Helper find them, fit them in.
36 qst100502_msg0601 84 Find circle part. Find square part. Put parts in stomach indentations.
37 qst100502_msg0602 84 Not know location of parts. Helper find.
38 qst100502_msg0701 84 Hello, helper. Give Rododo report.
39 qst100502_msg0702 84 Helper's duty was fit parts into stone statue.
40 qst100502_msg0703 84 Deliver Rododo report on findings.
41 qst100502_msg0801 84 Hello, helper. Give Rododo report.
42 qst100502_msg0802 84 Location: Garfont.
43 qst100502_msg0803 84 Go. Investigate.
44 qst100502_msg0804 84 Hehe... Getting closer...
45 qst100502_msg0901 84 Hello, helper. Give Rododo report.
46 qst100502_msg0902 84 Gaudy box of precious things. Captain Nopopon's logbook.
47 qst100502_msg0903 84 You can have gaudy things. Just show logbook to Rododo!
48 qst100502_msg0904 84 Hmmm ponponpon.... Uhmm ponponpon...?!
49 qst100502_msg0905 84 This... Waa! Woowee!
50 qst100502_msg0906 84 This book written in unusual combination of ancient and modern Nopon!
51 qst100502_msg0907 84 If Rododo decipher this...will be able to read ancient Nopon writing on stone statue!
52 qst100502_msg0908 84 Ahem. Very exciting.
53 qst100502_msg0909 84 Investigate statue. Helper come too.
54 qst100502_msg0910 84 Quick! Quick! Helper, hurry!
55 qst100502_msg1001 84 Rododo has deciphered.
56 qst100502_msg1002 84 This statue constructed by ancient Nopon to remember Captain Nopopon.
57 qst100502_msg1003 84 Rododo performed careful analyze of statue and logbook...
58 qst100502_msg1004 84 Findings reveal incredible surprising thing about history of Nopon!
59 qst100502_msg1005 84 Ancient Nopon in erudite and grammatically-correct language!
60 qst100502_msg1006 84 Rododo was very shocked. Old Nopon writings sound just like posh and educated human talk!
61 qst100502_msg1007 84 But also discover more things.
62 qst100502_msg1008 84 Rododo will read from logbook of Captain Nopopon. Helper, listen!
63 qst100502_msg1009 84 "I am weary, so weary of the long fight for treasure and riches. But I have hit upon a solution."
64 qst100502_msg1010 84 "It seems that the Non-Nopon people take us for charming, harmless little balls of fluff."
65 qst100502_msg1011 84 "I propose we use this perception to our advantage in diplomacy, in order to create a new era of Nopon domination!"
66 qst100502_msg1012 84 "Furthermore, I suggest that we use silly sounding, grammatically imprecise sentences. This makes us even cuter."
67 qst100502_msg1013 84 "Henceforth, I will fluff my fur, make myself sound extremely silly..."
68 qst100502_msg1014 84 "And build big-big good Guild of Trading! For glory of all Nopon! Meh-meh-meh!"
69 qst100502_msg1015 84 That end of logbook entry.
70 qst100502_msg1016 84 Indeed! Captain Nopopon make Nopon speech what it is today! He father of modern Nopon-speak! Woowee!
71 qst100502_msg1017 84 Ahem. This really very big deal.
72 qst100502_msg1018 84 Helper. Thank you. Th-thank you friends very much!
73 qst100502_msg1019 84 This amazing discovery! Will rewrite history books of Nopon people!
74 qst100502_msg1020 84 Like Captain Nopopon say. Nopon must be cute. This Nopon way.
75 qst100502_msg1021 84 Mystery of the door all solve anyway, so Rododo give up on trying to talk all stoic and cool like!
76 qst100502_msg1022 84 Woowee! Wait till Rododo tell everybody!