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1 qst100306_msg0001 84 Hm? Oh! You!
2 qst100306_msg0002 84 Old friend who give Panpan tasty food, and took care of Vacuum Brogs! ...And got parts for repair...hehe...
3 qst100306_msg0003 84 Thanks to friends', Panpan complete full 40 hours of flight training!
4 qst100306_msg0004 84 Panpan got license with big rubber stamp. Now fully-fledged Nopon pilot!
5 qst100306_msg0005 84 Something up?
6 qst100306_msg0006 84 Friend want thank-you for tasty treats? And money for parts?
7 qst100306_msg0007 84 Ah, actually... Panpan not begin career quite yet... A bit broke... Training fees...
8 qst100306_msg0008 84 Oh, but this terrible! Panpan have sudden feeling that flying skills are fading away!
9 qst100306_msg0009 84 Panpan lose skills if not make regular flights...
10 qst100306_msg0010 84 Yes, Panpan must go off flying again right now. So, byeeeee!