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1 qst100305_msg0101 84 Friend has brought materials for ship repair?
2 qst100305_msg0102 84 Very grateful! Thank you!
3 qst100305_msg0103 84 Would give reward, but have no wallet right now. Back in Argentum, Panpan give friend big reward.
4 qst100305_msg0201 84 This bit go here... That bit go there...
5 qst100305_msg0202 84 Little twist for good luck and wind up good!
6 qst100305_msg0301 84 There! It look all fixed now!
7 qst100305_msg0302 84 Oh, Panpan so very grateful to friend. Words not suffice... Panpan all too aware of this...
8 qst100305_msg0303 84 Panpan will give heartfelt token of thanks and some coin for parts. Back in Argentum, that is.
9 qst100305_msg0401 84 Meh-meh?! Training time about to hit 40 hours!
10 qst100305_msg0402 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Time for big rush to Argentum! Whey-hey-hey-hey!