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1 qst00100101_msg0001 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Left all clear! Right all clear! Front all clear! Goldmouth A-OK!
2 qst00100101_msg0002 84 [ML:Feeling ]...But Gegebi's shift not A-OK.
3 qst00100101_msg0003 84 Limuli supposed to take over watch when Gegebi's time is up.
4 qst00100101_msg0004 84 But Limuli already 3,821 seconds late! This thousandth time now!
5 qst00100101_msg0005 84 And thousandth time Gegebi will miss din-dins...
6 qst00100101_msg0006 84 Gegebi want to find Limuli and scold him whole day long!
7 qst00100101_msg0007 84 But Gegebi must keep watch! Gegebi so sleepy... Gegebi so hungry...
8 qst00100101_msg0008 84 Meh meh? You want to help Gegebi? Thank you! Gegebi ever so grateful!
9 qst00100101_msg0009 84 Please, find Limuli and tell him that it time to relieve watch!
10 qst00100101_msg0010 84 Thank you, friends. Oh, that remind me!
11 qst00100101_msg0011 84 You probably find Limuli watching salvaging. He always lose track of time when doing that!
12 qst00100101_msg0101 84 He probably shirking duty on Salvage Deck.
13 qst00100101_msg0102 84 But if he have good reason, Gegebi have no problemo! Gegebi not monster!