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1 qst006601_msg0001 84 I haven't eaten a proper meal in four whole days!
2 qst006601_msg0002 84 Surely you can spare a little grub for poor old me?!
3 qst006601_msg0003 84 I...I'm sorry...
4 qst006601_msg0004 84 We worked hard to get our hands on these rations ourselves!
5 qst006601_msg0005 84 I can't just hand them over!
6 qst006601_msg0006 84 What did you say?! That does it, I'm taking them by force-
7 qst006601_msg0007 84 Trying to assault an unarmed woman? Have you no shame?!
8 qst006601_msg0008 84 Wha-?! Who are you guys?!
9 qst006601_msg0009 84 You're bothering these people. If you leave quietly, we won't hurt you.
10 qst006601_msg0010 84 Wh-what do you know about my troubles?! Don't talk like you're oh so superior!
11 qst006601_msg0011 84 Step back, you two. This won't take long.
12 qst006601_msg0012 84 A-all right!