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1 qst006502_msg0001 84 You're Jankie, right? Give back the treasure that you stole from Jammie!
2 qst006502_msg0002 84 What's your problem, old lady?!
3 qst006502_msg0003 84 O...old lady...?!
4 qst006502_msg0004 84 Don't you pay him any mind. He's only a brat.
5 qst006502_msg0005 84 Shaddup, you big creep! I hope all your hair falls out!
6 qst006502_msg0006 84 Why, you little... Who d'you think you're calling a creep?! Oh, you're so in for it now!
7 qst006502_msg0007 84 ANYWAY! Stealing from people is bad! Do you want to be a common thief?!
8 qst006502_msg0008 84 Shaddup!
9 qst006502_msg0009 84 If you're really not going to give it back, you leave me no choice.
10 qst006502_msg0010 84 I will be forced to unleash my Eye of Shining Justice!
11 qst006502_msg0011 84 Say what?
12 qst006502_msg0012 84 E...Eye of Shining what?!
13 qst006502_msg0013 84 If I remove this eyepatch, my divine eye will seek out any bad little boys and seal them away, never to return!
14 qst006502_msg0014 84 H-hah! As if I'm going to believe a ridiculous lie like that!
15 qst006502_msg0015 84 If you're so sure I'm lying, shall we find out? You may not live to regret it...
16 qst006502_msg0016 84 A...all right, fine! I'll give them back! You satisfied?!
17 qst006502_msg0017 84 Now don't go stealing from people any more, do you hear?
18 qst006502_msg0018 84 The Eye of Shining Justice always knows where to find you.
19 qst006502_msg0019 84 All right, already... I won't steal stuff, I promise...
20 qst006502_msg0020 84 Damn. Your Eye of Shining Justice is even cooler than mine...