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1 qst006103_msg0001 84 So this is the Dalnes Stone?
2 qst006103_msg0002 84 Rex, is there something written on it over there?
3 qst006103_msg0003 84 Allow me to examine the Stone.
4 qst006103_msg0004 84 Let's see, now...
5 qst006103_msg0005 84 The Kingdom's name is...Regideria.
6 qst006103_msg0006 84 It lies upon a mysterious Titan that moves about freely, never exposing itself to human eyes.
7 qst006103_msg0007 84 But in this place, Regideria sank in a single night, together with its people...
8 qst006103_msg0008 84 What else does it say?
9 qst006103_msg0009 84 The inscription ends here.
10 qst006103_msg0010 84 If the whole country sank beneath the clouds, there's not much we can do...
11 qst006103_msg0011 84 Hah. You are too quick to give up. I will not allow our quest to end here!
12 qst006103_msg0012 84 We know where this kingdom met its end. We may be able to salvage some manner of relic from it!
13 qst006103_msg0013 84 You've got to be kidding me. Just how long do you think this place has been down there?
14 qst006103_msg0014 84 Relics of a long-lost kingdom... I like the sound of that!
15 qst006103_msg0015 84 Oh, for the... Now you've got Rex started too?!
16 qst006103_msg0016 84 Come, my retainers. Let us get to the bottom of this tale!