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1 qst006101_msg0001 84 Hmm? This book...
2 qst006101_msg0002 84 It's about a "Mystery Continent"... Looks like some kind of fairy tale.
3 qst006101_msg0003 84 "Long ago, there was a mystical kingdom in a mysterious continent."
4 qst006101_msg0004 84 A mysterious continent...a mystical kingdom... I like the sound of all this. They sound fitting for my personage.
5 qst006101_msg0005 84 "But this mysterious continent was destroyed in a single night."
6 qst006101_msg0006 84 What?! A single night?! Can that be possible?
7 qst006101_msg0007 84 "That mysterious continent of which nobody knows..."
8 qst006101_msg0008 84 "Its secrets are inscribed on the Dalnes Stone in Temperantia."
9 qst006101_msg0009 84 And that's your lot.
10 qst006101_msg0010 84 Temperantia... I see.
11 qst006101_msg0011 84 Hold on. You're not going to just believe this fairy tale, are you?
12 qst006101_msg0012 84 You fool! Fairy tales too are legitimate records of the past!
13 qst006101_msg0013 84 This message was left for a reason. It is only right that we investigate!
14 qst006101_msg0014 84 Now come, my retainers. We head for Temperantia!