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1 qst006002_msg0001 84 Well? Is the tablet restored?
2 qst006002_msg0002 84 Yep... The four pieces together perfectly.
3 qst006002_msg0003 84 Let's have a looksee then...
4 qst006002_msg0004 84 "Therein lay a mighty lake and a temple housing technology of the ancients."
5 qst006002_msg0005 84 "But with the Titan's decline, dangerous monsters began to roam these drifts."
6 qst006002_msg0006 84 "To avoid these monsters, the people made use of the land's great pillars to build new dwellings."
7 qst006002_msg0007 84 "Yet now, as the snows grow stronger and deeper, we are forced to retreat still further to ever higher ground."
8 qst006002_msg0008 84 "If we do not solve this problem soon, all of Tantal may become unlivable..."
9 qst006002_msg0009 84 ...That is all it says?
10 qst006002_msg0010 84 That's your lot. Looks like some kind of investigation report.
11 qst006002_msg0011 84 Then this line of enquiry was a dead end...
12 qst006002_msg0012 84 Don't look so down, Dagas!
13 qst006002_msg0013 84 Hmph. You need not coddle me.
14 qst006002_msg0014 84 Instead of wasting time here, we should search for another lead!