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1 qst005801_msg0001 84 Hey, take a look at this Brief History of Alrest book. This bit here.
2 qst005801_msg0002 84 It says there used to be a kingdom on the Isle of Sleeping Remains in Leftheria.
3 qst005801_msg0003 84 Apparently it was destroyed by a natural disaster or something.
4 qst005801_msg0004 84 Huh, really?
5 qst005801_msg0005 84 Come now, Rex... Are you not even familiar with the history of your own homeland?
6 qst005801_msg0006 84 D-don't look at me like that!
7 qst005801_msg0007 84 Why would I know about some old kingdom? It doesn't have much to do with salvaging...
8 qst005801_msg0008 84 You didn't know anything about it either, right, Gramps?
9 qst005801_msg0009 84 Hmm? I'll have you know there are very few things I am not aware of.
10 qst005801_msg0010 84 That said, I cannot remember hearing of such a kingdom...
11 qst005801_msg0011 84 Maybe this happen even before Gramps was born?
12 qst005801_msg0012 84 An ancient kingdom...? I see...
13 qst005801_msg0013 84 Was this kingdom a wondrous place?
14 qst005801_msg0014 84 Mmmmm... The book doesn't go into that much detail.
15 qst005801_msg0015 84 Then let us travel to the Isle of Sleeping Remains! Perchance it may trigger some long-buried memory within me.