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1 qst004102_msg0001 84 Go straight from Torigoth till you see Twin Trunks Hill. The Tirkin Turf is on top of that tree there.
2 qst004102_msg0002 84 They've built some impressive structures, so you'll know when you're there.
3 qst004102_msg0101 84 Made it back in one piece, eh?
4 qst004102_msg0102 84 Mind telling me how the Revenge Tirkin launched their attacks?
5 qst004102_msg0103 84 I know, I know. But I've got to give my superior some kind of report to keep them happy.
6 qst004102_msg0104 84 Whew. Sounds like a rough bunch indeed.
7 qst004102_msg0105 84 That info'll come in very handy if they ever attack us again.
8 qst004102_msg0106 84 Thanks for that. Here's your reward, as promised: one Filament Globe!
9 qst004102_msg0107 84 Be seeing you!