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1 qst004101_msg0001 84 Hey! What are you doing over there?
2 qst004101_msg0002 84 ...Ah. So you want to salvage a Filament Globe, do you?
3 qst004101_msg0003 84 I did hear that you could get them at this Salvage Point, but...
4 qst004101_msg0004 84 Well, it was a while ago now that you could find them here. Lately I hear they haven't been showing up at all.
5 qst004101_msg0005 84 Either there's none left or the Cloud Sea's current's changed.
6 qst004101_msg0006 84 Anyhow, it's a prized item on the market right now. You'll be hard pressed to find them anywhere.
7 qst004101_msg0007 84 You're that desperate, are you?
8 qst004101_msg0008 84 Well, I suppose I could let you have one of mine...
9 qst004101_msg0009 84 Under one condition.
10 qst004101_msg0010 84 Could you dispatch some Revenge Tirkin for us?
11 qst004101_msg0011 84 Some right violent ones have settled down in the Tirkin Turf, attacking passersby with no remorse.
12 qst004101_msg0012 84 Considering the reports we've been getting, we're hesitant to approach.
13 qst004101_msg0013 84 All right, deal's a deal!
14 qst004101_msg0014 84 According to the reports, there are three Revenge Tirkin to deal with.
15 qst004101_msg0015 84 Report back to me when you're done with the mission. I'll give you the Filament Globe as a reward.