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1 qst004004_msg0001 84 Hum hum hum! Friends investigating about crane, eh...?
2 qst004004_msg0002 84 Me only hear Armus' rumor, so maybe not so much help, but me tell anyway.
3 qst004004_msg0004 84 Basically, me hear Armu mamas saying they see pesky Tirkin somewhere.
4 qst004004_msg0005 84 But if said Tirkin get into town? That start big commotion, meh!
5 qst004004_msg0006 84 Me no hear any big commotion, so there probably no connection, meh.
6 qst004004_msg0101 84 How me know what Armus saying?
7 qst004004_msg0102 84 Friends, Poyopoyo raise Armus for close to forty years now!
8 qst004004_msg0103 84 Pick up bit of conversational Armu is only polite, no?