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1 qst004002_msg0001 84 I saw something! At Zeno's Deadbole!
2 qst004002_msg0002 84 There's nothing there normally, but it shone when I passed by lately!
3 qst004002_msg0003 84 I'll bet anything that someone took a big sword, broke the crane with it, then hid it there! Oh my days, so scary!
4 qst004002_msg0004 84 And now of all times, the Ardainian soldiers just sit around? Disgraceful!
5 qst004002_msg0101 84 That Mor Ardain lot say they're here to protect Gormott... What a load of guff! They haven't protected me once!
6 qst004002_msg0102 84 That's like my husband, promising on our wedding day he'd tell me he loves me every morning...
7 qst004002_msg0103 84 Well, whaddya know? He lasted three days! You call that a good husband? Because I don't!