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1 qst004001_msg0001 84 Oh! Did Eyvan send you over to assistify me? I'm countin' on ya!
2 qst004001_msg0002 84 What we need is information about the criminal who cut the workers' wire!
3 qst004001_msg0003 84 To solve a crime, first pound the pavement! Get the down-low from the townsfolks!
4 qst004001_msg0004 84 Why not listen to the fiddle-faddle... Uh... I mean, the pittle-pattle. *sigh* No.
5 qst004001_msg0005 84 Uh, anyway... People gossip a lot, so why don't you ask around!
6 qst004001_msg0006 84 Yeah! Make sure you don't miss anything!
7 qst004001_msg0101 84 All right on the info collectin' front? It's your civic duty to help catch the criminal!
8 qst004001_msg0102 84 Say, d'you know what a civic duty is? Ardainian soldiers used to say it a lot.
9 qst004001_msg0103 84 Those fellas think they're so great using all those big words!
10 qst004001_msg0201 84 Whuh?! You cracked the case?
11 qst004001_msg0202 84 Well? Don't keep it to yourself! Spill it!
12 qst004001_msg0203 84 So it was Tirkin what did it, with a bow! Whoa!
13 qst004001_msg0204 84 Old man Natheus made that wire extra-strong, so it's kinda incredible a bow would do it in!
14 qst004001_msg0205 84 Awesome job, everyone! I'll let Chief Eyvan know that the case is done and dusted!
15 qst004001_msg0206 84 Oh, and before I forget, here's your reward for apprehending the perps!