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1 qst003602_msg0001 84 Mopopo not working right now. But what is friend's business?
2 qst003602_msg0002 84 Oh... This is about friend Feyla's order...
3 qst003602_msg0003 84 Things she order right here.
4 qst003602_msg0004 84 But Mopopo not going to deliver.
5 qst003602_msg0005 84 Since Dughall go, not allowed to charge extra fees for transporting goods to Gormott.
6 qst003602_msg0006 84 Militia Corps really quite strict.
7 qst003602_msg0007 84 Once, Mopopo could make megafortune just by making delivery to Gormott.
8 qst003602_msg0008 84 But not now. So Mopopo cannot be bothered.
9 qst003602_msg0009 84 Did Feyla ask friend to come here?
10 qst003602_msg0010 84 Are you going back to place where Feyla is?
11 qst003602_msg0011 84 OK. This how to fix.
12 qst003602_msg0012 84 Friend can take goods to Gormott instead of Mopopo.
13 qst003602_msg0013 84 Mopopo might not be working right now, but head is still working. Pretty impressive.
14 qst003602_msg0014 84 Mopopo actually quite sad not to do normal route. Usually always eat Tasty Sausage when making delivery there.
15 qst003602_msg0015 84 But no! Mopopo not do work for such meager pay.
16 qst003602_msg0016 84 Mopopo might take further orders from Feyla though, if price is right. Please tell to Feyla.
17 qst003602_msg0017 84 OK. Mopopo leave it to you.
18 qst003602_msg0101 84 Tasty Sausage... Gormotti Honeytea... Ruska Dumplings...
19 qst003602_msg0102 84 Mopopo too lazy to move for scant reward. But still hanker after Gormott cuisine...
20 qst003602_msg0103 84 If only some tasty treats would fall out of sky...