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1 qst003601_msg0001 84 Oh, you must be the ones Moui mentioned. Looking to join the Militia Corps, are you?
2 qst003601_msg0002 84 You just wanted to help out? Well, that's a shame.
3 qst003601_msg0003 84 Very well. I'll tell you about it.
4 qst003601_msg0004 84 I ordered a load of stuff, but it hasn't arrived yet.
5 qst003601_msg0005 84 It was at the Nopon Camp in the nether parts of Gormott where I ordered it. A Nopon lass called Mopopo, it was.
6 qst003601_msg0006 84 I don't get it... All the other stuff I ordered from them came when they said it would. Maybe something's up.
7 qst003601_msg0007 84 Maybe a monster or something got 'em. I'd be no good helping 'em with something like that.
8 qst003601_msg0008 84 That's why I asked Moui if he'd send some good fighters over...
9 qst003601_msg0009 84 The Nopon Camp's out on the Garanti Plain. Right near the Waytree, it is.
10 qst003601_msg0010 84 I know it's a big job, but do you mind going to the Nopon Camp and seeing what's up with them?
11 qst003601_msg0011 84 It'd really help us out if you could do that. Thanks a million!
12 qst003601_msg0101 84 The Nopon Camp's out on the Garanti Plain. Right near the Waytree, it is.
13 qst003601_msg0102 84 I hope they just lost track of time when they stopped for lunch or something.
14 qst003601_msg0201 84 Oh, you're back! What what was it? It wasn't a monster or something was it?
15 qst003601_msg0202 84 Huh? She wouldn't bring it because the delivery fees have changed? Oh...
16 qst003601_msg0203 84 But you brought it for me instead?
17 qst003601_msg0204 84 That's very good of you. I'm sorry to put you out like that.
18 qst003601_msg0205 84 But thank you so much! You really helped me out there!
19 qst003601_msg0206 84 I did always think the charges were a bit high. This explains a lot...
20 qst003601_msg0207 84 If they've been adding on extra charges, I'm all for cracking down on that. But if she won't deliver at all...
21 qst003601_msg0208 84 Oh? It sounded like she had a craving for Tasty Sausages? The little gannet...
22 qst003601_msg0209 84 That little Mopopo's always munching something on her way home, she is.
23 qst003601_msg0210 84 She only has to get wind of any fad food or new delicacy, and she can't wait to try it.
24 qst003601_msg0211 84 Right! I know what I'll do!
25 qst003601_msg0212 84 Next time I might see if I can sweeten the deal for her with a few tasty treats. That might balance out the price issue!
26 qst003601_msg0213 84 Thank you so much. You really helped me out.
27 qst003601_msg0214 84 I'll be sure to tell Moui how helpful you were.