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1 qst003401_msg0001 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Hey, come on. Give me a break!
2 qst003401_msg0002 84 We're selling our stuff as cheap as can be!
3 qst003401_msg0003 84 This Ardainian factory stuff's right over the odds!
4 qst003401_msg0004 84 And now the water supply's off! When are they going to fix that ruddy water tower?
5 qst003401_msg0005 84 How am I supposed to raise my leeks without water? I wish these smart-arse Ardainians had an answer to that!
6 qst003401_msg0101 84 Give over will ya? It wasn't us Ardainians who smashed up the water tower.
7 qst003401_msg0102 84 The people who did that are...
8 qst003401_msg0103 84 ...those Drivers over there! If you want to complain, complain to those wee bastards!
9 qst003401_msg0104 84 What? That's who smashed up our lovely water tower?
10 qst003401_msg0105 84 Thanks to your little demolition job, I've got to lug water by hand to my fields. It's doing my back in!
11 qst003401_msg0106 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]I think I'll take my mind off it by giving your arses a little kick!
12 qst003401_msg0201 84 Oh! Lady Mòrag!
13 qst003401_msg0202 84 I apologize for inconveniencing you like this, ma'am.
14 qst003401_msg0203 84 'Inconveniencing'? That's a fine way of putting it. We're just trying to have a civil talk about important stuff!
15 qst003401_msg0204 84 Hey, you. Are you this soldier's superior or something?
16 qst003401_msg0205 84 Then I guess you won't listen to us any better than he does.
17 qst003401_msg0206 84 Nae bother. Let us make it crystal clear!