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1 qst003301_msg0001 84 Meh meh meh? What you say?
2 qst003301_msg0002 84 Shatoto is illegal resident?
3 qst003301_msg0003 84 Nobody live here! Shatoto has no moneycoins for inn. Just take little nap!
4 qst003301_msg0004 84 Besides, when Shatoto come to town, soldiers say "give money!" and Shatoto pay residence fee like good citizen.
5 qst003301_msg0005 84 Huh? Meh? Why surprise?
6 qst003301_msg0006 84 Meh meh! No need residence fee to enter town?!
7 qst003301_msg0007 84 Shatoto was duped... Shatoto's beautiful money, all gone...
8 qst003301_msg0008 84 Meeeeeh... Shatoto's long-desired foods were finally available in Gormott...
9 qst003301_msg0009 84 Wanted to use money from Mamapon to buy delicious foods...
10 qst003301_msg0010 84 Shatoto is sorry, Mamapon!
11 qst003301_msg0011 84 Meh? Friends will bring delicious foods for Shatoto?
12 qst003301_msg0012 84 Yay! Yay! Happy times!
13 qst003301_msg0013 84 When Shatoto was littlepon, he met man called Attas in Argentum.
14 qst003301_msg0014 84 Attas become very fond of local delicacy of Noodle Soup at that time.
15 qst003301_msg0015 84 Shatoto want to try Torigoth Noodle Soup, so here Shatoto is!
16 qst003301_msg0016 84 Many years pass, and Shatoto not littlepon anymore. Wonder if Attas still making Noodle Soup...?
17 qst003301_msg0017 84 But Shatoto has no money, so if go to noodle place, all he hear is "no noodles for Shatoto" and other sad things.
18 qst003301_msg0018 84 If Shatoto could eat Noodle Soup of Attas, Shatoto would be able to go back to home, full-tummy smiley.
19 qst003301_msg0019 84 Friends are the first nice people Shatoto has met. Soldiers are too shouty scary...
20 qst003301_msg0101 84 Argentum Noodle Soup with Torigoth flair... What could taste be like?
21 qst003301_msg0102 84 Shatoto has never eaten Torigoth foods so difficult to imagine.
22 qst003301_msg0103 84 So hungry...
23 qst003301_msg0201 84 Tummy is rumbly grumbly... Meh! What is delicious smell?
24 qst003301_msg0202 84 Ruska Noodle Soup? So this is Torigoth-style Noodle Soup invented by Attas!
25 qst003301_msg0203 84 It look totally different to Argentum Noodle Soup.
26 qst003301_msg0204 84 Come to Dadapon!
27 qst003301_msg0205 84 *slurp* *gulp* *gulp* *slurp*
28 qst003301_msg0206 84 Ahhh.
29 qst003301_msg0207 84 Tinglyhot soup... Chewysoft noodles... Crispycrunch veggies...
30 qst003301_msg0208 84 This is delicious evolution of Argentum Noodle Soup from childhood of Shatoto!
31 qst003301_msg0209 84 It was very yummy! Thank you, friends. Ahhh!
32 qst003301_msg0210 84 Thank you. Shatoto will have happy memories of this day.
33 qst003301_msg0211 84 Shatoto will save so he can bring Mamapon here and feed delicious noodles!
34 qst003301_msg0212 84 Sorry about sleeping here! Shatoto will head home now.