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1 qst003201_msg0001 84 Oh no oh no oh no! I'm... He's... Ohh, what am I going to do?!
2 qst003201_msg0002 84 I can't go and help him myself!
3 qst003201_msg0003 84 Oh, it's terrible!
4 qst003201_msg0004 84 Bonono has gone flying!
5 qst003201_msg0005 84 Nothing is all right! Everything is awful!
6 qst003201_msg0006 84 Oh...right. I guess I should explain from the beginning.
7 qst003201_msg0007 84 Well, I was living in Indol, see...
8 qst003201_msg0008 84 But apparently Indol's done for, so we all tried to get ourselves on the first ship out of there!
9 qst003201_msg0009 84 It was pretty crazy, actually. Everyone from the refugee camp descending on the port all at once...
10 qst003201_msg0010 84 Thankfully, I managed to get safely onto a ship, but then right when my friend Bonono tried to get on...
11 qst003201_msg0011 84 Kabaaaam! The whole of Indol got whacked into the World Tree!
12 qst003201_msg0012 84 And Bonono...he went flying! Clean off Indol, he went!
13 qst003201_msg0013 84 And now? If he fell in Cloud Sea, well, he's had it. But if he landed on the Tree itself...
14 qst003201_msg0014 84 I have no idea if he's still alive... But I feel like I've got to do something!
15 qst003201_msg0015 84 R-really?! You'll help me look?! Oh, please find him for me!
16 qst003201_msg0016 84 If he's all right, I think he'll be on the outer wall of the World Tree.
17 qst003201_msg0017 84 But if he fell into the Cloud Sea, I guess there really isn't any hope...
18 qst003201_msg0101 84 Please find my friend Bonono for me!