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1 qst1003105_msg001 84 Helped out all three distribution centers, did you?
2 qst1003105_msg002 84 We really appreciate that. Thanks.
3 qst1003105_msg003 84 The Urayan folks were really under pressure there. They were ready to turn nasty on those refugees.
4 qst1003105_msg004 84 It ain't right, but compassion starts to seem like a luxury when people get desperate.
5 qst1003105_msg005 84 We're all guilty of it. If you can't look after yourself, you start to think you can't help others.
6 qst1003105_msg006 84 But thanks to you, we've got the wherewithal to not be so selfish.
7 qst1003105_msg007 84 This will make everyone's lives a whole lot easier.
8 qst1003105_msg008 84 Thanks for all your help, guys!