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1 qst003104_msg0001 84 You'll help us with our supply operations?
2 qst003104_msg0002 84 I thank you.
3 qst003104_msg0003 84 We're short of fish-based meals here.
4 qst003104_msg0004 84 If you could make a few fishy dishes and bring them to us, that would really ease the burden.
5 qst003104_msg0005 84 Thanks a lot for your assistance!
6 qst003104_msg0006 84 Our services have been a bit strained since the Indoline refugees arrived.
7 qst003104_msg0007 84 Us soldiers are stretched to the absolute limit here, already.
8 qst003104_msg0008 84 Honestly, having to worry about all these refugees on top of it all is just about pushing us over the edge.
9 qst003104_msg0009 84 But you lot have really eased up the burden!
10 qst003104_msg0010 84 I think we've got a much better chance of helping out all these needy people now!
11 qst003104_msg0011 84 Thank you so much! We're indebted to you!