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1 qst003103_msg0001 84 What? You're gonna lend us a hand, are you?
2 qst003103_msg0002 84 For real? Appreciate it.
3 qst003103_msg0003 84 We're short of meat-based meals at this distribution center.
4 qst003103_msg0004 84 Reckon you could get a few meaty dishes made up and bring 'em here?
5 qst003103_msg0005 84 Thanks for the help. Things are looking a little brighter for us now.
6 qst003103_msg0006 84 We've been pretty busy since all these Indoline refugees showed up.
7 qst003103_msg0007 84 Sometimes I think it'd be easier if we just sent 'em back.
8 qst003103_msg0008 84 We're struggling to feed our own people here.
9 qst003103_msg0009 84 People start to get a bit edgy when they see us doling out food to these Indolines.
10 qst003103_msg0010 84 To be honest, they've caused quite a bit of trouble recently.
11 qst003103_msg0011 84 Don't get me wrong, I've got a lot of sympathy for these refugees, after what happened...
12 qst003103_msg0012 84 They'll probably end up having to live here, so we need to try and calm things down as much as possible.
13 qst003103_msg0013 84 But thanks for all your help. I feel like we have a chance now.
14 qst003103_msg0014 84 We're short of meat-based meals here. Countin' on ya.