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1 qst003102_msg0001 84 Oh! You'll assist us with our distribution operations, will you?
2 qst003102_msg0002 84 That's really a great help to us.
3 qst003102_msg0003 84 The main thing that this place lacks is cuisine based on fresh vegetables.
4 qst003102_msg0004 84 If you could find some for us, that would really improve our service.
5 qst003102_msg0006 84 Thank you so much.
6 qst003102_msg0007 84 This seems to be plenty.
7 qst003102_msg0008 84 Thank you so very much.
8 qst003102_msg0009 84 We were never this busy before the Indoline refugees arrived.
9 qst003102_msg0010 84 Still, I fully understand their predicament.
10 qst003102_msg0011 84 It's a difficult time for all of us.
11 qst003102_msg0012 84 These people have no choice. With Indol gone, they had to come here to survive.
12 qst003102_msg0013 84 In time, they'll make new lives for themselves here.
13 qst003102_msg0014 84 We can't just turn them away in their hour of need.
14 qst003102_msg0015 84 But, anyway, thanks a lot. Thanks to you we can do a lot more to help.
15 qst003102_msg0016 84 We really need some vegetable-based meals here. It would be great if you could provide us with some.