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1 qst002901_msg0001 84 Hey! Need to talk.
2 qst002901_msg0002 84 DB Sisters from Larus Trade Guild follow you here on commission from Ardainian Army.
3 qst002901_msg0003 84 But thinking about it, it obvious that only potential customers crazy enough to come here is you.
4 qst002901_msg0004 84 This all big scam!
5 qst002901_msg0005 84 Dibidi can tell that friends burdened with very important something.
6 qst002901_msg0006 84 So Dibidi will graciously let you off if you help Dibidi with request.
7 qst002901_msg0007 84 Dibidi would like friends to collect sellable items from Cliffs of Morytha.
8 qst002901_msg0008 84 Stuff from here very rare in other countries so DB Sisters will rake in monies!
9 qst002901_msg0009 84 Then Dibidi forgive your deception.
10 qst002901_msg0010 84 Got it?
11 qst002901_msg0011 84 This Dibidi's first time here so not know exactly what to look for. Just pick up anything that look valuable.
12 qst002901_msg0012 84 Thank you, friends!
13 qst002901_msg0101 84 Anything from Cliffs of Morytha make surefire profit in other countries, so Dibidi accept anything you find!
14 qst002901_msg0102 84 You find something for Dibidi?
15 qst002901_msg0103 84 Is not enough yet... Keep going!
16 qst002901_msg0104 84 Meh meh! Friends gathered much stuff!
17 qst002901_msg0105 84 You make Dibidi very happy.