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1 qst002801_msg0001 84 It's a pleasure. You may not know me, but I certainly know of you.
2 qst002801_msg0002 84 You're the ones who defeated the terrible Aeshma, aren't you?
3 qst002801_msg0003 84 Given your apparent skill, there is something I would like to ask of you. Will you hear me out?
4 qst002801_msg0004 84 I am a member of the Technological Research Center.
5 qst002801_msg0005 84 And the object you see beside me is the remains of a weapon used in a great war, in an age long past.
6 qst002801_msg0006 84 I intend to research how it operated and the functions it served.
7 qst002801_msg0007 84 With any luck, we can use it as inspiration to develop modern weapons for the Ardainian army!
8 qst002801_msg0008 84 There are similar weapons strewn all across Temperantia.
9 qst002801_msg0009 84 I would appreciate it if you could help me to collect them.
10 qst002801_msg0010 84 I believe there are a large number of these weapon relics out there, but four should be plenty for my purposes.
11 qst002801_msg0011 84 I'm counting on you to bring me some excellent research samples!
12 qst002801_msg0101 84 Beside me is the remains of a weapon used in a great war in an age long past.
13 qst002801_msg0102 84 I would like you to retrieve four others like it.
14 qst002801_msg0103 84 They're strewn all across Temperantia, so you'll likely need to hunt high and low for them!
15 qst002801_msg0201 84 Ah, I see you have finished collecting the ancient weapons. Very impressive.
16 qst002801_msg0202 84 You have my gratitude. With these, my research should progress by leaps and bounds!
17 qst002801_msg0203 84 I'm sorry I had to bother you all with such a menial task.
18 qst002801_msg0204 84 All the soldiers stationed here are from Division One of the Second Imperial Guard, you know.
19 qst002801_msg0205 84 I tried asking them for help, but they have their hands full guarding Aeshma, so I was sadly rejected.
20 qst002801_msg0206 84 So we have a fair bit of research funds to spare. I'll be sure to pay you handsomely!
21 qst002801_msg0207 84 You have tax gold from the Ardainian people to spare?
22 qst002801_msg0208 84 N-no! That's not what I meant at all...
23 qst002801_msg0209 84 But...perhaps you are right to admonish me, Special Inquisitor. I should have more respect for Ardainian gold.
24 qst002801_msg0210 84 It was foolish of me to suggest wantonly giving away money just because we have a generous budget.
25 qst002801_msg0211 84 To demonstrate my repentance, I will reduce your reward for this task to 0G.
26 qst002801_msg0212 84 I hope that will suffice.
27 qst002801_msg0213 84 V...very good.