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1 qst002701_msg0001 84 Ugh! Curse those Idle Rodonya!
2 qst002701_msg0002 84 I'm so close to completing this concoction! I won't allow them to get in the way!
3 qst002701_msg0003 84 Huh? What do you want? In case you couldn't tell, I'm busy here. I don't have time to be dealing with...
4 qst002701_msg0004 84 Oh? You wouldn't happen to be a Driver, would you?
5 qst002701_msg0005 84 Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?!
6 qst002701_msg0006 84 Listen, I happen to have just the job for you.
7 qst002701_msg0007 84 It's not a particularly difficult job, and I promise I'll reward you handsomely!
8 qst002701_msg0008 84 So what do you say? Will you do it?
9 qst002701_msg0009 84 ...Oh, all right, I suppose you deserve a tad more explanation than that.
10 qst002701_msg0010 84 The thing is, I'm working on a certain medicinal concoction. It's top secret.
11 qst002701_msg0011 84 If I manage to complete it, I should be able to help people across the world!
12 qst002701_msg0012 84 But just as my research is nearing its end, I've run into a little snag.
13 qst002701_msg0013 84 A bunch of Idle Rodonya have settled down in the only place I can procure a key herbal ingredient!
14 qst002701_msg0014 84 So I was wondering if you could clear them out for me. Simple enough, right?
15 qst002701_msg0015 84 It's for the sake of the greater good! You know you want to do it.
16 qst002701_msg0016 84 Thanks! You're a beacon of shining hope for us all!
17 qst002701_msg0017 84 (...Heheh, some people are so gullible.)
18 qst002701_msg0018 84 What?! I didn't say anything! Anyway, about where to find those pesky Idle Rodonya...
19 qst002701_msg0019 84 They reside somewhere in the Argan Iceblooms.
20 qst002701_msg0020 84 I'm counting on you to do this. For me, and for the whole world! (Heheh...)
21 qst002701_msg0101 84 Oh, hello again! Did you defeat those Idle Rodonya for me already?
22 qst002701_msg0102 84 What? You didn't?
23 qst002701_msg0103 84 I told you, you can find them in the Argan Iceblooms. Quick!
24 qst002701_msg0104 84 Don't forget, the whole world is counting on you!
25 qst002701_msg0201 84 Oh, my! You really did defeat them all! I knew turning to you was the right decision.
26 qst002701_msg0202 84 Yes, now my concoction should be complete in no time! Yes...finally...
27 qst002701_msg0203 84 Ahah... Ahahah... Ahahahahahahahahahahah!
28 qst002701_msg0204 84 Oh, I've been waiting for this moment for so long. You have no idea of the struggles I've been through!
29 qst002701_msg0205 84 But now! My life's work! Is complete! I will finally be united with my darling!
30 qst002701_msg0206 84 The flames of passion I have harbored so long will finally be rewarded!
31 qst002701_msg0207 165 I think we have questions.
32 qst002701_msg0208 165 Ask if helping the world was all a lie
33 qst002701_msg0209 165 Ask what this medicinal concoction is
34 qst002701_msg0210 84 Oh, no. I would never lie about such a wondrous creation!
35 qst002701_msg0211 84 Once I mass-produce this concoction, people across the world will no longer have to suffer unrequited love!
36 qst002701_msg0212 84 With the help of this miracle potion, their feelings will be reciprocated!
37 qst002701_msg0213 84 And of course, that includes me. My beloved will finally be mine!
38 qst002701_msg0214 84 Very well! As thanks for all your help, I will tell you its name!
39 qst002701_msg0215 84 The concoction I have been researching is a powerful brew that will fill any who drink it with pure romantic passion!
40 qst002701_msg0216 84 I call it...the Love Potion!
41 qst002701_msg0217 84 And I will be the first to use it to claim my beloved's heart!
42 qst002701_msg0218 84 I really couldn't have done it without you, you know!
43 qst002701_msg0219 84 Here's your reward, as promised. I hope you're pleased with yourselves!
44 qst002701_msg0220 84 Thank you again, my cupids of love! I'll let you know once all my dreams come true! Ahaha!