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1 qst002601_msg001 84 No no no... Where could it be?
2 qst002601_msg002 84 Ah, hiya!
3 qst002601_msg003 84 Have you seen a rock shaped like a turtle anywhere? It's only little...
4 qst002601_msg004 84 I dropped it someplace when I was playing outside the city yesterday.
5 qst002601_msg005 84 I looked and looked and looked but I couldn't find it anywhere...
6 qst002601_msg006 84 The stupid snow probably buried it by now.
7 qst002601_msg007 84 If I don't find it soon, even more snow will fall and it'll be lost forever.
8 qst002601_msg008 84 Um, so, like, um, my dad gave me that stone. Said it'd help me grow up big and strong.
9 qst002601_msg009 84 That was before he left. Mum said he went a really super long way away.
10 qst002601_msg010 84 But I'm not lonely... Least, I wasn't when I had my turtle stone to remind me of him.
11 qst002601_msg011 84 I wonder if Mr. Turtle is all right. I hope he's not lonely. I gotta find him soon...
12 qst002601_msg012 84 You'll help? Thank you thank you thank you!
13 qst002601_msg013 84 I'm going to keep looking around here a bit longer, so you go check around near Amphoret Pillar, OK?
14 qst002601_msg014 84 I was over there yesterday so I might have dropped it then.
15 qst002601_msg101 84 I'll keep looking around here.
16 qst002601_msg102 84 You go look around Amphoret Pillar.
17 qst002601_msg103 84 I was over there yesterday so I might have dropped it then.