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1 qst002501_msg0001 84 Pleasure to meet friends. Me is Humhum, researcher of history.
2 qst002501_msg0002 84 Dream of Humhum is to visit all historical architecture of Tantal!
3 qst002501_msg0003 84 And this partner of Humhum, avid climber of cliffs and ruin walls!
4 qst002501_msg0004 84 Hi, I'm Mylak.
5 qst002501_msg0005 84 I'm not really interested in history or any of that. I just like finding new things to climb.
6 qst002501_msg0006 84 Anyway, we both came here to check out these sweet ruins.
7 qst002501_msg0007 84 Did friends know this?
8 qst002501_msg0008 84 Current capital of Tantal, Theosoir, positioned right at top of Titan Genbu. Right next to upper wall.
9 qst002501_msg0009 84 But long time ago, Tantal people live lower down, in Genbu Drifts.
10 qst002501_msg0010 84 Monsters and Cloud Sea effects slowly drive living space further up.
11 qst002501_msg0011 84 So people live in these ruins too once!
12 qst002501_msg0012 84 Probably lots of thousand years ago though.
13 qst002501_msg0013 84 You talk too much, Humhum. Can we just head to the next wall already?
14 qst002501_msg0014 84 Mylak shoosh and listen!
15 qst002501_msg0015 84 Sometimes Humhum not know why hang out with musclebrain man... Mylak not appreciate ruins properly!
16 qst002501_msg0016 84 Well, no, I don't really get what's so special about them. So can we head on to the next wall now?
17 qst002501_msg0017 84 Humhum get angry now! No more ruin exploring with silly climbing man!
18 qst002501_msg0018 84 Hah, well that's fine by me. How're you going to make it up these walls on your own, though?
19 qst002501_msg0019 84 Did you learn to climb by yourself while you were riding on my backpack all this time?
20 qst002501_msg0020 84 Hah! Wall climbing too easy! Mylak just watch!
21 qst002501_msg0021 84 Ah...
22 qst002501_msg0022 84 Meh-meeeeeehhhhhh!
23 qst002501_msg0023 84 Humhuuuum!
24 qst002501_msg0024 84 Urgh... Right into the middle of those monsters! We have to go and help!
25 qst002501_msg0025 84 But I'm no good for anything but climbing... How am I meant to make it through a whole pack of those things...?
26 qst002501_msg0026 84 Thanks... I really owe you one. Please make sure Humhum is safe!