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1 qst002402_msg0001 84 Ekurt? Yes, that's me...
2 qst002402_msg0002 84 What do you want?
3 qst002402_msg0003 84 ?!
4 qst002402_msg0004 84 Are...are you quite sure? Azgall's...dead...? I can't...
5 qst002402_msg0005 84 This is Azgall's... Then it's true...
6 qst002402_msg0006 84 He fought right up until the end... but it wasn't enough...
7 qst002402_msg0007 84 He used to salvage with me, back in the day.
8 qst002402_msg0008 84 Well, one day, I messed up big time and lost my radar, leaving me adrift in the Cloud Sea. This was many years ago...
9 qst002402_msg0009 84 It was looking bleak for me. I'd run out of air, nearly done for. But then Azgall came and found me.
10 qst002402_msg0010 84 Turns out he'd pushed himself to his limits on the way, though. He collapsed himself not long after.
11 qst002402_msg0011 84 So the both of us ended up drifting to Tantal.
12 qst002402_msg0012 84 But, as you know...Tantal is a closed country.
13 qst002402_msg0013 84 Getting back to Mor Ardain wasn't an option.
14 qst002402_msg0014 84 Luckily, we managed to get the help of a few kind souls. So we made a home here.
15 qst002402_msg0015 84 I put down roots. Lived a normal life.
16 qst002402_msg0016 84 But not Azgall.
17 qst002402_msg0017 84 He didn't really take to life here. Said he wanted to go back to Mor Ardain.
18 qst002402_msg0018 84 That's what he told me the last time I saw him, anyway...
19 qst002402_msg0019 84 It's not easy to get out of Tantal on your own. I was doing what I could to help.
20 qst002402_msg0020 84 But... I didn't think he'd wind up dying right here in Tantal.
21 qst002402_msg0021 84 ...
22 qst002402_msg0022 84 You should take the things from his buried chest.
23 qst002402_msg0023 84 I'm not a salvager anymore, so they're no use to me. He'd be happy to have them be useful to someone, I expect.
24 qst002402_msg0024 84 Anyway, thank you. I'm grateful to you for finding Azgall.
25 qst002402_msg0025 84 Yes, it's put our minds at rest.