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1 qst002302_msg0001 84 Welcome back friends!
2 qst002302_msg0002 84 23 guards in Sanctum at night? Thanks much for valuable info.
3 qst002302_msg0003 84 My dear Mololo, you wouldn't happen to be plotting anything unsavory again, now, would you?
4 qst002302_msg0004 84 Meh-meh?! Wh-why Mololo would plot things?
5 qst002302_msg0005 84 Mololo just here to listen to very inspiring talks about glorious teachings of Praetor Amalthus!
6 qst002302_msg0006 84 Very well. I will trust you in this...
7 qst002302_msg0007 84 By the by, perhaps you could ask these fine people to deliver the item we were discussing to Malusio?
8 qst002302_msg0008 84 I-is really necessary?
9 qst002302_msg0009 84 Your path forward will not reveal itself until you take action, young one.
10 qst002302_msg0010 84 O-OK then.
11 qst002302_msg0011 84 Could friends do one more little favor for Mololo?
12 qst002302_msg0012 84 Mololo want friends to deliver Platinum Music Box to Malusio at Goetuis Port.
13 qst002302_msg0013 84 My thanks to you all.
14 qst002302_msg0014 84 Young Mololo, your future will surely be blessed by the Architect.
15 qst002302_msg0015 84 Good luck with errand...