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1 qst002208_msg0001 84 We...we lost...?
2 qst002208_msg0002 84 ...
3 qst002208_msg0003 84 What am I going to do now...? I...I have to join the Choir, or I can't...
4 qst002208_msg0004 84 I can't take any more of this life! If it weren't for you, I... I...
5 qst002208_msg0005 84 Albina... I don't know what kind of hardships you've been through.
6 qst002208_msg0006 84 But I don't think it's right to join the Choir in search of an easy life.
7 qst002208_msg0007 84 Do you think Praetor Amalthus would want people to sing at his sacred ceremonies for a reason like that?
8 qst002208_msg0008 84 What are you saying...? I'm the one in the wrong here...?
9 qst002208_msg0009 84 Oh, I get it. You think I'm just not good enough to make it in the Choir.
10 qst002208_msg0010 84 Yes...that is what I think.
11 qst002208_msg0011 84 Just because you got lucky... You've got some nerve...
12 qst002208_msg0012 84 I...I'm not trying to boast about my own skills! I just think...
13 qst002208_msg0013 84 Go on. Say it. Convince me, if you think you can.
14 qst002208_msg0014 84 I...I don't think the Choir of Indol exists just to provide wealth to its own members!
15 qst002208_msg0015 84 I think the Choir exists to enrich the hearts of everyone who hears it, its own members included!
16 qst002208_msg0016 84 To join the Choir, you need to be able to wish for the happiness of others, and turn those feelings into song!
17 qst002208_msg0017 84 Those feelings are why the songs of the Choir resonate with the people!
18 qst002208_msg0018 84 You can't bring happiness to anyone by singing while thinking only of yourself!
19 qst002208_msg0019 84 That's why, um...I don't think... Oh, I don't know how to say this...
20 qst002208_msg0020 84 ...Well, how am I meant to argue with a speech like that?
21 qst002208_msg0021 84 Dammit, Mellica. I'm...sorry.
22 qst002208_msg0022 84 N-no, I...I'm the one who should be sorry... It really wasn't my place to say all that...
23 qst002208_msg0023 84 You know the stupid thing? I love singing too. I really do.
24 qst002208_msg0024 84 So I guess...I'll try again. I'll sing for them again, and this time I'll get through to them.
25 qst002208_msg0025 84 Maybe that way I can get the best of both worlds. A happy life...and a happy heart.
26 qst002208_msg0026 84 You just wait, though. One day, I'll make everyone see that I'm a better singer than you!
27 qst002208_msg0027 84 Haha... I guess I should look forward to that, then...?
28 qst002208_msg0028 84 Thank you so much for all your help, everyone.
29 qst002208_msg0029 84 It was a lot scarier than I ever could have thought, but I'm glad I managed to make up with Albina in the end.
30 qst002208_msg0030 84 This is for you, as thanks. I hope you'll come and listen to us sing sometime.