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1 qst002207_msg0001 84 Um... Hello! A-are you Albina?
2 qst002207_msg0002 84 Mellica...?
3 qst002207_msg0003 84 I never thought you'd come to me on your own.
4 qst002207_msg0004 84 I was just wondering when the best time would be to go and take you out.
5 qst002207_msg0005 84 T-take me...out...?
6 qst002207_msg0006 84 Y-you don't mean... you want to...k-kill...?
7 qst002207_msg0007 84 Huh? I thought you knew that already.
8 qst002207_msg0008 84 Isn't that why you hired these Drivers to protect you?
9 qst002207_msg0009 84 N-no! These are just some kind people who offered to help...
10 qst002207_msg0010 84 I just wanted to come and talk to you!
11 qst002207_msg0011 84 What's to talk about?
12 qst002207_msg0012 84 If it weren't for you, I would've made it into the Choir.
13 qst002207_msg0013 84 I hate you so much, you witch. You pig. You dirty little... Urghhh!
14 qst002207_msg0014 84 If it weren't for you...if I could just get rid of you...I could have everything I deserve!
15 qst002207_msg0015 84 I could get out of this hellish life and live like a respectable person!
16 qst002207_msg0016 84 I could give my mom and dad the rest and comfort they need!
17 qst002207_msg0017 84 But violence isn't going to solve any-
18 qst002207_msg0018 84 Oh, but it will! And it's going to change my life for the better!
19 qst002207_msg0019 84 I'm a refugee from Uraya, you know.
20 qst002207_msg0020 84 I know people in the mercenary biz. And once I kill you and join the Choir, I'll have the cash to pay them off!
21 qst002207_msg0021 84 Once I explained that, they were glad to help.
22 qst002207_msg0022 84 So I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to make all of you disappear!
23 qst002207_msg0023 84 H-help! Please!