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1 qst002204_msg0001 84 Mellica? What about her? I don't know that much about those fancy Choir types.
2 qst002204_msg0002 84 Though I could tell you a bit about the Choir itself.
3 qst002204_msg0003 84 Apparently, once you join the Choir of Indol, you're basically set for life.
4 qst002204_msg0004 84 I mean, it's an official branch of the Praetorium, so naturally they get special treatment.
5 qst002204_msg0005 84 Us refugees don't get much in the way of opportunities, so lots of folks dream of joining up.
6 qst002204_msg0006 84 Course, I didn't make it past the audition. My mom and dad were so disappointed.
7 qst002204_msg0007 84 Anyway, that's about all the info I've got.