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1 qst001901_msg0001 84 Meh! Friend found all of items?
2 qst001901_msg0002 84 Sokoko not expect friend to find all things in time... Such big help!
3 qst001901_msg0003 84 What should Sokoko give as token of thanks for friend...
4 qst001901_msg0004 84 Mehmeh! Sokoko let friend have Sokoko's reward for job!
5 qst001901_msg0005 84 Sokoko in deep trouble if job not get done, and not succeed without help from friend. So only fair price.
6 qst001901_msg0006 84 Client Jambhar is in Cargo Transportation Zone of Mor Ardain.
7 qst001901_msg0007 84 Please go to Jambhar to get reward in Sokoko's place.
8 qst001901_msg0008 84 Mushroom-Feast Salvager Sokoko not want to see face of that nasty person ever again.
9 qst001901_msg0009 84 Well, thank you, friend. Good luck for future!