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1 qst106101_msg0001 84 Do you know the shop called Llysiau Greens?
2 qst106101_msg0002 84 There's a girl who works there, Tenne. She's such a bright and cheerful lass, but last month she lost her father...
3 qst106101_msg0003 84 Her mother's succumbed to illness a while ago, it was just the two of them. I feel so bad for her now, all alone...
4 qst106101_msg0004 84 She's got the brains to put out new products, no problem, but running a shop by herself must be hard.
5 qst106101_msg0005 84 As you can probably tell, I'm worried about her, so...I'd like you to save her business!
6 qst106101_msg0006 84 First of all, buy one piece of every product that's on offer.
7 qst106101_msg0007 84 That'll let Tenne know you mean well.
8 qst106101_msg0008 84 What that means is, she'll let you buy the deeds to Llysiau Greens.
9 qst106101_msg0009 84 When you do that, you'll become the shop's owner. With me so far?
10 qst106101_msg0010 84 Well, when I say owner, I don't mean like sharing in the profits, but relax! There's plenty of benefits to it still.
11 qst106101_msg0011 84 Tenne will be relieved to know that someone like you has her back, and she'll be able to get on with things...
12 qst106101_msg0012 84 And you'll get special boons too. For example, things like making harvesting easier, or running faster.
13 qst106101_msg0013 84 How about it? Can I count on you?
14 qst106101_msg0014 84 That's the right answer!
15 qst106101_msg0015 84 Like I said before, then. First, buy the whole selection of goods at Tenne's shop.
16 qst106101_msg0016 84 Including the new Puri Leaf Salad, of course! Well, off you go!
17 qst106101_msg0101 84 First you buy every product that is sold at Llysiau Greens.
18 qst106101_msg0102 84 That means the Crispy Sauté and the Torigoth Marinade... And then...
19 qst106101_msg0103 84 The Stuffed Meaty Carrot and that Puri Leaf Salad they've just introduced.
20 qst106101_msg0105 84 It's fine to buy just one of each. Got that?
21 qst106101_msg0201 84 Now you should be able to buy the Llysiau Deeds over at Llysiau Greens, am I right?
22 qst106101_msg0202 84 I know, I know, it's not cheap. Nevertheless, I'd like you to buy it next.
23 qst106101_msg0203 84 Please. You know I'm counting on you!
24 qst106101_msg0301 84 Thank you.
25 qst106101_msg0302 84 It feels really great to see Tenne smiling again.
26 qst106101_msg0303 84 She's always been cheerful and kind, but also kind of stubborn...
27 qst106101_msg0304 84 I know she doesn't need her old friends like me looking over her shoulder. She can stand on her own feet.
28 qst106101_msg0305 84 I know this, but still... I can't help being a little worried, can I? I just wanted to give her a hand, just a bit.
29 qst106101_msg0306 84 With your help, I think she'll have found the confidence she needs for the shop she inherited to thrive.
30 qst106101_msg0308 84 Oh, and also, you know it's not just Tenne's shop, right? Other businesses work much the same way.
31 qst106101_msg0309 84 Buy every item they have, and they'll start offering to sell you their deeds.
32 qst106101_msg0310 84 Buy that and you'll get a nice fat advantage. Different ones, depending on the shop.
33 qst106101_msg0311 84 Ah, one word of warning though.
34 qst106101_msg0312 84 It's not every shop that'll offer all their products from the get-go. Few do, in fact.
35 qst106101_msg0313 84 In those cases, you'll have to raise the development level before they'll sell everything, letting you get the deeds.
36 qst106101_msg0314 84 And sometimes, if they don't seem to offer the deeds no matter what, it's worth trying again in a little bit.
37 qst106101_msg0315 84 Oh, haha, sorry to keep you so long! I can stop being such a busybody now.
38 qst106101_msg0316 84 You have my gratitude. Thanks, for everything!