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1 qst001702_msg001 84 Oh, I'm rushed off my feet here!
2 qst001702_msg002 84 I went to the trouble of putting a flyer up at Nharil Central Plaza, but did anyone bother to read it, I wonder?
3 qst001702_msg003 84 Ugh, not that I have time to be fretting about things like that...
4 qst001702_msg004 84 I'd better get my report written up. It might impact on the budget for the next quarter.
5 qst001702_msg0101 84 Oh! These are Whitescale Antennae, are they not?
6 qst001702_msg0102 84 And exactly three, no less! Excellent! Perhaps you saw the flyer?
7 qst001702_msg0103 84 Ah, I see. Well, it's a big help.
8 qst001702_msg0104 84 I'm engaged in research of Ardainian fauna, you see.
9 qst001702_msg0105 84 Naturally, that requires a certain amount of hands-on work in the relevant locations.
10 qst001702_msg0106 84 But sadly, I don't really have the time, or required martial abilities, to visit the Thermal Exhaust Fork.
11 qst001702_msg0107 84 My hands are full with researching a range of lifeforms. Unfortunately, the humble Noog Vang has a lower priority.
12 qst001702_msg0108 84 However, if you have the Whitescale Antennae from the Noog Vang, then it's enough for a basic report.
13 qst001702_msg0109 84 If the information contained in my report is disseminated throughout the military...
14 qst001702_msg0110 84 then no doubt it'll make the job of taking on those wretched Noog Vangs quite a bit easier.
15 qst001702_msg0111 84 Well, I should get to work on my report.
16 qst001702_msg0112 84 Oh, and here is your reward. I'm very glad that you responded to my request, so thanks again!