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1 qst001006_msg0001 84 Hey! Hey!
2 qst001006_msg0002 84 I wanna ask a favor!
3 qst001006_msg0003 84 Lemme be your apprentice!
4 qst001006_msg0004 84 My folks were Drivers back in Gormott.
5 qst001006_msg0005 84 But they got betrayed by one of their mates and died...
6 qst001006_msg0006 84 Me and my sis got taken in by Vandham.
7 qst001006_msg0007 84 We're real grateful to him and all the mercs here...but sometimes my sis gets a bit sad all the same.
8 qst001006_msg0008 84 She always says she wants to eat a whole Grass-Smoked Salmon like mum used to make.
9 qst001006_msg0009 84 Whenever I hear her say that, I get all angry in my belly.
10 qst001006_msg0010 84 I'll get revenge one day!
11 qst001006_msg0011 84 To kind of pay back the villagers, I've been gathering the kids to collect food and stuff for them.
12 qst001006_msg0012 84 But I'm never gonna get strong enough to avenge my parents like this.
13 qst001006_msg0013 84 I wanna resonate with the Core Crystal my dad left me as soon as I can.
14 qst001006_msg0014 84 That's why you gotta train me! I wanna be the best Driver there is!
15 qst001006_msg0015 165 What should we say?
16 qst001006_msg0016 165 Dissuade him from taking revenge
17 qst001006_msg0017 165 Let him tread his own path
18 qst001006_msg0201 84 I shoulda known.
19 qst001006_msg0202 84 Adults are all the same. I thought you'd understand!
20 qst001006_msg0203 84 I agree.
21 qst001006_msg0204 84 Playing at mercs is good enough for that kid.
22 qst001006_msg0205 84 None of this becoming a Driver so he can go and kill people.
23 qst001006_msg0206 84 I'm sure he feels frustrated right now, but someday he'll understand.
24 qst001006_msg0207 84 Revenge doesn't solve anything. It just creates a vicious circle.
25 qst001006_msg0208 84 Anyway, thanks for saving the kids.
26 qst001006_msg0209 84 We'll keep a better eye on them in future.
27 qst001006_msg0301 84 I'm doing the right thing?
28 qst001006_msg0302 84 Can you gimme any advice? Stuff I should learn, training drills I should be doing?
29 qst001006_msg0303 84 Hey, Jelved, don't bother the nice people.
30 qst001006_msg0304 84 But but but...
31 qst001006_msg0305 84 Your little merc games are plenty good enough for now.
32 qst001006_msg0306 84 Nobody is born a Driver.
33 qst001006_msg0307 84 You got plenty of time, kid.
34 qst001006_msg0308 84 OK. I get it.
35 qst001006_msg0309 84 I won't do anything from now on except look for food and stuff and help everyone in the village.
36 qst001006_msg0310 84 That experience'll be useful in the future, right?
37 qst001006_msg0311 84 Thanks for talking to me!
38 qst001006_msg0312 84 I'm definitely gonna be a Driver someday!