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1 qst000701_msg0001 84 Ohhhh... There's gotta be someone who can help... I don't wanna lose...
2 qst000701_msg0002 84 Oh! Hey, you there! Yeah, you!
3 qst000701_msg0003 84 Listen, have you heard of this pale beetle called the Snow-White Rhino?
4 qst000701_msg0004 84 I've got a bet going with my mate Leif to see who can find one first...
5 qst000701_msg0005 84 But just recently, I heard something awful.
6 qst000701_msg0006 84 Apparently Leif asked this old guy he knows to go find a Snow-White Rhino beetle for him!
7 qst000701_msg0007 84 I mean, sure, Seigle Fell is dangerous for kids, but come on! Seriously?! Unfair, right?
8 qst000701_msg0008 165 What do we think?
9 qst000701_msg0009 165 Agree it's unfair
10 qst000701_msg0010 165 Say Eluned should get his own beetle
11 qst000701_msg0011 84 Right? Seriously!
12 qst000701_msg0012 84 That's why I want you to go and fetch a Snow-White Rhino for me too!
13 qst000701_msg0013 84 This has just become a proxy war.
14 qst000701_msg0014 84 If Leif's gonna use a mean trick like this, then so will I.
15 qst000701_msg0015 84 My mam's no help - she tells me not to go anywhere dangerous, but then she tells me not to let him beat me, too!
16 qst000701_msg0016 84 Anyway, this is real lucky for me. You'll help out, right?
17 qst000701_msg0017 84 What?! N-no way!
18 qst000701_msg0018 84 Snow-White Rhinos live near Seigle Fell, which is meant to be really dangerous!
19 qst000701_msg0019 84 Even grownups have got badly hurt going there! If I went, I'd come back in tiny little bits!
20 qst000701_msg0020 84 What's with the face? Oh, so you think I shouldn't have bet on it, then? Is that it?
21 qst000701_msg0021 84 I had to, buddy!
22 qst000701_msg0022 84 My mam always tells me, you can't back down from a challenge...
23 qst000701_msg0023 84 And once you've accepted one, you do what it takes to win!
24 qst000701_msg0024 84 So please! Please get a Snow-White Rhino for me? Pretty please?
25 qst000701_msg0025 84 Awesome! Thanks!
26 qst000701_msg0026 84 Snow-White Rhinos like to hang about near Seigle Fell, down near the tail end of Gormott.
27 qst000701_msg0027 84 Oh, but apparently they only come out early in the morning...
28 qst000701_msg0028 84 That's basically all I know. Eh, you'll work it out I'm sure!
29 qst000701_msg0029 84 I'll make sure to have some sort of reward ready for you. Look forward to it!
30 qst000701_msg0101 84 Didja find that Snow-White Rhino yet?
31 qst000701_msg0102 84 You can find 'em near Seigle Fell, towards Gormott's tail.
32 qst000701_msg0103 84 But be careful, 'cos they only come out early in the morning.
33 qst000701_msg0104 84 Good luck!