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1 qst000603_msg0001 84 Oh, there you are! The repairs are all done and dusted now.
2 qst000603_msg0002 84 Do it right, fast, and cheap! That's my motto! It doesn't rhyme or anything. But it's still a good motto!
3 qst000603_msg0003 84 Oh! Hello there, Driver! Thanks for helping me out so much!
4 qst000603_msg0004 84 He's fixed up that stove so well you'd think it was brand-new!
5 qst000603_msg0005 84 Oh, it makes me think of the day my husband brought it home, it does...
6 qst000603_msg0006 84 Nice to think that this stove is still going strong, like our marriage!
7 qst000603_msg0007 84 Well, my husband's going to be home soon. So I'd best get cracking on this pie!
8 qst000603_msg0008 84 It's a family secret, this pie, y'know. Passed down through the generations.
9 qst000603_msg0009 84 Ooh... There I go again... Once I start talking, I can't stop!
10 qst000603_msg0010 84 I said I'd give you a little something for going to all that trouble, didn't I...
11 qst000603_msg0011 84 I don't think it'll be enough to just let you have a slice of pie...
12 qst000603_msg0012 84 So I'll give you the recipe!
13 qst000603_msg0013 84 Now you'll be able to make my fancy pie any time you like... It's not easy, mind!
14 qst000603_msg0014 84 Thank you so much!